Town Administration


No questions regarding the Town have been received on the Debris Haul or Monitor RFPs

Welcome to the Town of Seabrook Island website.

The Town was founded in 1987 and this site contains Town Administration information on ordinances, weather alerts, zoning and who to contact if you have a question.

Enjoy our lovely island.

Terry Ahearn, Mayor


twitter_iconThe Town of Seabrook Island is on Twitter. Follow the Town at: @SeabrookIslnd87

Town of Seabrook Island Emergency News

If an emergency, such as a hurricane occurs or threatens, news related to emergency preparedness, weather alerts and evacuation orders, will appear in this section on the Town of Seabrook Island website. Please make note of the direct link and use the website to stay alert and informed. Or call 888-314-3177 for emergency news and updates.

Photos courtesy of Ron Chamberlain and Bob Hider
Town of Seabrook Island Pedestrian Pathway Improvement Project Bid Tabulation and Summary: