Seabrook Island is a private, welcoming, island community located less than 30 minutes from historic Charleston, South Carolina.

Seabrook Island is a gated community. If you wish to access the island, please call 843-768-2560 to arrange a convenient time and date. Upon arrival on Seabrook Island, please proceed directly to the reception center (located before, and to the right, of our security gate). The reception center is happy to provide additional information on the amenities and services available to property owners and guests, and grant access to view the island.

Edged by 2.5 miles of beaches along the Atlantic Ocean, Seabrook Island is home to a spectacular range of wildlife and a thriving ecosystem. Generations of visitors and residents have enjoyed the best of life amidst the natural beauty of the island.

Winding streets lined with live oaks and hanging Spanish moss surround private homes, rental villas and condos nestled in between. The peaceful, natural beauty of the Island is home to a vibrant community of residents and visitors who have an array of amenities and activities at their fingertips.

When on Seabrook Island, you have the inexplicable feeling of knowing you’re exactly where you should be.

Welcome to Seabrook Island –

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Did You Know…

island facts

Seabrook Island is a heavily forested island dominated by majestic live oaks, palm trees, pines, hickories, magnolias and sweetgum trees.

Seabrook Island is home to a variety of mammals such as marsh rabbits, gray fox, bobcats, otters and white tail deer. More than 30 species of reptiles can be found such as alligators, tree frogs, chameleons and turtles.

In 1996, Seabrook Island’s golf courses became the first in South Carolina to become a certified member of the Audubon Cooperative Sanctuary Program for Golf.

Seabrook Island’s beaches are critical habitats for turtles and birds, but they are also dog friendly. Visitors and residents alike are asked to follow the rules so that everyone can have a pleasant beach experience. Read them here

Bike riding is one of the best ways to see the Island. If you’re in a group, bike single file for safety.

Seabrook Island Turtle Patrol is a trained group of volunteers that patrol beaches daily from May thru October. Using a process that is coordinated with and approved by the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources, it records and monitors loggerhead turtle nests, sets up protective screening against predators, moves nests endangered by tides, and records hatchlings.