Economic Impact Study

published: 01/26/17 by Town of Seabrook Island

A team of five Citadel MBA students, as part of the curriculum of the graduate school of business, and under the direction of Professors Sobel and Green, undertook a study to get a sense of the economic impact of Seabrook Island on the greater Charleston Area. The study updated a prior effort by the Town in 1996. The study began in late September and was concluded mid December. Team members called on a number of resources, including the public records of Seabrook Island and Charleston County, real estate sales and construction data, and survey information and utilized industry standard economic multipliers. The results are significant. Tratimusidje The study concludes that on an annual basis Seabrook Island’s economic impact on the Charleston area is in excess of $338,000,000 and that the Town’s economic activity creates over 4,800 jobs both on and off island. On a combined basis with Kiawah Island, the results are even more impressive.

Read the full letter from the Mayor along with the study.