As is true for many communities, Seabrook Island has undertaken preparedness for threats to residents and visitors from various disaster events, both naturally occurring and deliberately effected. The Town, Seabrook Island Property Owners Association, Seabrook Island Club, St. Christopher Camp and Conference Center and Bohicket Marina have each developed emergency response plans. Representatives of these organizations comprise a Disaster Recovery Council fostering coordination of emergency response actions and these organizations have entered agreements for mutual aid and cooperation. By virtue of our location, it is to be expected that in the event of widespread damage near the Atlantic coast, there can be delays of several days before outside help can arrive. Plans of our community organizations contemplate such delays, however no amount of organizational planning can take the place of individual preparedness.
The Town of Seabrook Island would like everyone to learn how to prepare their families, homes and businesses for all types of emergencies including natural and man-made disasters.

Four simple steps can help YOU get ready:

  1. Prepare a kit of emergency supplies (see the current version of the Hurricane Guide for supplies to have on hand);
  2. Make a plan of what you will do; Evacuation Planning; Evacuation Information
  3. Be informed about what might happen; CODE RED, Weather Updates
  4. Get involved in preparing your community; Volunteer with CERT, other Volunteer Opportunities

The Town will provide information concerning disaster events through the CODE RED warning system, local media, the Town website, the Town “800” number (888-314-3177), and e-mail based on the Seabrook Island Property Owners Association e-mail list. The Town’s Twitter account (@SeabrookIslnd87) will be used for notices of information updates available at the website or “800” number. Everyone should have an emergency plan and be prepared to take care of themselves for at least the first 96 hours after a disaster event.

The Town is a subscriber to the CODE RED Warning System that issues warnings directly to home telephones of residents. To receive CODE RED warning on mobile phones or by e-mail, sign up here.

Response and recovery operations following a disaster event will vary depending on whether the Town was fully evacuated or not. These operations may last days, weeks, or even months. The complexity of recovery operations will increase significantly if an evacuation is not possible and significant damage was done within the Town.

Resident return after evacuation will depend on conditions within the Town impacting public health and safety. Notice of permitted resident return will be communicated via the Town’s website, issued through the CODE RED warning system, local media, the Town “800” telephone service (888-314-3177), the Tidelines Blog and issued through e-mail based on the Seabrook Island Property Owners Association e-mail list.


Other Urgent Services Contacts

To have Town Beach Patrol contacted OR
To report hazards on roadways inside SIPOA security gate
Seabrook Island Security
(843) 768-6641
To report waterline breaks
Seabrook Island Utility Commission
(843) 768-0822
To report power outages
Berkeley Electric Cooperative
Outage information


To report hazards on Town roadways outside SIPOA security gate
Town of Seabrook Island
Mon-Fri | 8 am to 4pm
(843) 768-9121


Other Governmental Contacts

Town of Seabrook Island
Monday – Friday 8 am to 4 pm
(843) 768-9121
Seabrook Island Property Owners Association (843) 768-0061
Seabrook Island Utility Commission (843 768-0102
Charleston County Citizens Emergency Information Line
(Open only during Emergency Operation Center Activation)
(843) 746-3900
Charleston County Emergency Management (843) 746-3800
DHEC Office of Ocean & Coastal
Resources Management
(843) 744-5838
US Army Corps of Engineers    (843) 329-8000
St. Johns Fire Department
(Non-Emergency Dispatcher)
(843) 559-9194