Evacuation of Seabrook Island may be ordered in advance of a disaster event or following a disaster event when public health and safety are at significant risk. EARLY EVACUATION, when possible, will ameliorate travel delays away from threatened areas. Following evacuation, resident return will be permitted once the Town’s essential infrastructure and services are sufficiently restored for the Town to resume regular operations. Information for residents regarding emergency response and recovery will be communicated through public information statements issued via one or more of: Code Red warning system, local media, the Town website, the Town “800” number (888-314-3177), and e-mail based on the Property Owners Association e-mail list. The Town’s Twitter account (@SeabrookIslnd87) will be used for notices of information updates available at the website or “800” number.

Individual Preparedness

  • Planning help:



  • Planning App:


  • Planning Considerations
  • Make a photographic inventory of belongings
  • Identify gas, electricity and water shut-offs points and learn how to use them;
  • Lock all doors and windows;
  • Move outdoor items that are not anchored off porches and decks
  • Keep at least half a tank of fuel in car.
  • Prepare for travel with pets

Pet travel related link:


  • Assemble a portable disaster kit:

Medicines, medical supplies, prescriptions and first aid kit

Bottled water (1 gallon/person; 3 days supply)

Food (non-perishable, easy to prepare 3 days supply)

Clothing and bedding (sleeping bags, pillows)

Flashlight, battery-powered radio and extra batteries

Special items for infants or elderly or disabled family members

Cell phone with charger

Family and emergency contact information

Extra cash

Pet food and other items for pets (litter boxes, leashes)

  • Take the following documents with you:

Insurance policies

List of prescription medicines and names of prescribing doctors

Birth and marriage certificates


Drivers license or personal identification

Social Security cards

  • Load car with “disaster supply kit”, pillows, blankets, important papers, etc.
  • LEAVE EARLY and arrive safely.
  • Evacuation Route

Seabrook Island

(“Emergency Preparedness” link to Evacuation Map)

  • SC 700 (Maybank Highway) to Road S-20 (Bohicket/Main Road) to US 17.
  • Take US 17 south to SC 64 where you will go to Walterboro, then to North Augusta
  • Upon arrival let friends or family know where you are.