Important Information for Beachfront Property Owners

published: 01/30/18 by Town of Seabrook Island

The South Carolina Senate Environmental Subcommittee is currently reviewing a draft bill (S. 927) entitled the “Beachfront Management Reform Act.” This bill contains key provisions for property owners who may be impacted by proposed amendments to the state’s Beachfront Jurisdictional Lines, which are currently pending adoption by the South Carolina Department of Environmental Control’s Office of Ocean and Coastal Resource Management (DHEC-OCRM).

Mayor Ron Ciancio has submitted a letter to the Senate subcommittee in support of S. 927. In his letter, the Mayor stated:

“Notwithstanding the representations of DHEC-OCRM in its public notice, we are concerned that a legal issue may be presented as to the authority of an agency of the State to unilaterally extend a legislatively mandated deadline. S. 927 would resolve this potential ambiguity by preserving the seaward move of the baseline and implementing other required reforms.  Specifically, S. 927 remedies the identified unintended consequence of the delay by striking from S.C. Code of Laws §48-39-280(a) the last sentence thereof which contains the mandate that the baseline must not move seaward from its position on December 31, 2017.  The Town of Seabrook Island supports this bill and respectfully urges the committee to recommend is passage.”

Read: Mayor Ciancio’s Letter to the Senate Environmental Committee


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