Mayor Ciancio Submits Comments on Proposed Beachfront Jurisdictional Line Revisions

published: 05/01/18 by Town of Seabrook Island

The South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control’s Office of Ocean and Coastal Resource Management (SCDHEC-OCRM) is currently in the process of adopting revised beachfront jurisdictional lines for areas along the South Carolina coast.

The South Carolina Code of Laws § 48-39-280, as amended, requires the SCDHEC-OCRM to establish and periodically review the position of the two lines of beachfront jurisdiction (the baseline and the setback line) once every seven to ten years. The average annual erosion rate for all oceanfront land that is developed, or potentially could be developed, is also reviewed during this time frame. SCDHEC-OCRM utilizes the best available scientific and historical data in the implementation of this process. The purpose of the jurisdictional lines is to implement laws and regulations that support the state’s beachfront management goals and to guide development away from vulnerable beachfront shorelines.

To ensure the public has ample opportunity to view the updated imagery, SCDHEC-OCRM has extended the public comment period for the proposed jurisdictional lines until July 15, 2018. Following the public comment period, the tentative adoption date for the new beachfront jurisdictional lines for Seabrook Island is September 7, 2018. 

On April 9, 2018, Mayor Ron Ciancio submitted an official comment on behalf of the Town of Seabrook Island. Click here to read Mayor Ciancio’s full letter to SCDHEC-OCRM.

Anyone wishing to submit a comment on the proposed jurisdictional lines may do so in writing to: SCDHEC-OCRM, Attn: Barbara Neale, 1362 McMillan Avenue, Suite 400, Charleston, SC 29405.



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