The Town of Seabrook Island was incorporated in 1987 and is governed by an elected group of residents who serve as town officials. The Town is responsible for zoning matters, building permits and inspections, business licensing of entities doing business within the Town, beach patrol with respect to matters below the high water mark, administration of the municipal court and interface with county, state and federal agencies having jurisdictional responsibilities within the Town’s limits. The Seabrook Island Utility Commission is an agency of the Town.

The Property Owners Association is responsible for the roads, bicycle paths, and storm drainage, operations and maintenance of amenities such as the Lake House and the Oyster Cather Community Center, the boardwalks leading to the beaches and the beaches above the high water mark, the lakes and crab dock, the Architectural Review Board, and security on the island.


The mayor is the chief administrative officer of the Town.  He has all the powers prescribed by statute including the power to preside at council meetings, direct the administration of all departments and enforce laws and ordinances.

Ronald Ciancio,


Ron Ciancio moved to Seabrook Island from Chicago nine years ago. He is the chief administrative officer of the town, and by statute is empowered to: appoint and remove employees, direct administrative departments, preside at council meetings, enforce laws and ordinance, and perform other duties as required under the mayor-council form of government.

Phone: 843-768-9121


Except as otherwise provided by statute or ordinance, all powers of the Town, and the determination of all matters of policy, are vested in the Town Council, with each member having one vote.

John B. Wells

John Wells has been a resident of Seabrook Island since 1995. Council responsibilities include the Town’s Advertising and Public relations, and Management of the area between the gate and traffic circle for flooding, landscaping, signage, and road maintenance.

Phone: 843-768-9121
John Gregg

John Gregg,

Mayor Pro Tem

John Gregg has been a full time resident of Seabrook Island since 2006 and has been a member of Town Council since 2013. He is the Town’s Public Safety Official, chairs the Town’s Public Safety Committee and is the Town’s liaison to the Seabrook Island Club.

Phone: 843-768-9121

Skip Crane

Skip Crane moved to Seabrook Island in 1995 and has served on various Property Owners Association committees since 2011. As a councilman, he will serve as council’s liaison to community entities, including the Property Owners Association, Camp St. Christopher and Bohicket Marina. He also has assigned responsibilities under the Town’s Comprehensive Emergency Plan.

Phone: 843-768-9121

Jeri Finke



Joseph M. Cronin,

Town Administrator

The Town Administrator assists the mayor in the performance of his duties and may not be assigned functions that conflict with or usurp the powers assigned to the mayor by statute. The Town Administrator is also the zoning administrator and enforces the town’s Development Standards Ordinances and the other town codes as assigned.

Phone: 843-768-5321

Faye Allbritton,

Town Clerk / Treasurer

The Town Clerk / Treasurer provides accounting, clerical, secretarial and custodial services to the town council and mayor and acts as the clerk of the council for regular, special and emergency meetings of the town council.

Phone: 843-768-5320

Lynda Stearns,

License & Permit Specialist

The License & Permit Specialist serves as the primary point of contact for individuals and businesses seeking a new business license, business license renewal, or a permit to complete work within the town limits.

Phone: 843-768-9121

Heather Springs,

Administrative Assistant

The Administrative Assistant provides support to the Town Administrator, Town Clerk / Treasurer, and License & Permit Specialist

Phone: 843-768-9121

Water & Sewer Commissioners

James L. Bannwart,


Phone: 843-768-0102

Leon Vancini

Phone: 843-768-0102

Tim Morawski

Phone: 843-768-0102

Board of Zoning Appeals

Walter Sewell,



Planning Commission

Robert Driscoll,



Town Attorney

Stephen L. Brown Esq.

Phone: 843-577-4000

Accommodations Tax Advisory

Sue Ingram,


Phone: 843-768-9121

Town Financial Reports